— Refueling at the authorities price —


Dear Customers

Please read the following information carefully.

Pursuant to Decree No. 94/2022 (III.10.) of the Hungarian Government and Article 28 of Act CXXX of 2021,

from 12:00 hours on 30 July 2022, exclusively the following categories are permitted to refuel at the HUF 480/litre official price: road vehicles with Hungarian licence plate, operated by natural persons and not exceeding a combined weight of 7.5 tonnes, or vehicles offering personal taxi service or agricultural vehicles or agricultural machinery, with the purpose of filling the fuel tank of the vehicle refuelling at the fuel station.

The decree stipulates that the fuel station operator shall credibly verify compliance of the above criteria to exclude all doubt as to eligibility, and inasmuch as it is unable to do so, the fuel may only be retailed at the non-official, that is, market price. The fuel pump stations of Oranges Oil are self-service stations operating with automated dispensers and no service personnel, therefore credible verification occurs as follows. When selecting receipt, select ‘simplified invoice with data input’, then ‘private person’ and input the refuelled vehicle licence plate when entering data.

The invoice can be requested solely for the private person appearing in the vehicle road licence and for his/her data.

Please send* the following documents within 24 hours of filling up to the following e-mail address


in order that we can verify entitlement to the official price and arrange the refund of the difference between the market and official price.

All documents should be scanned or photographed in a high quality image.

  • copy of the simplified invoice (the date at the bottom of the invoice must also be visible)
  • copy of the vehicle road licence (all sides, legible copy)
  • bank account number, name of account holder (for the refund of the price difference)
  • in the case of a taxi, a copy of the taxi licence
  • in the case of a moped, proof of payment of insurance

Oranges Oil Company shall refund, within 10 business days calculated from the receipt of all the required documents, the difference between the market and official price to the person thus entitled, to the bank account given by the applicant.

The operator of the fuel filling station shall only provide to those entitled fuel at the official price following full and complete compliance with the above details and once entitlement has been established. In all other cases, we are only able to supply fuel at the market price.

Filling fuel cans (exclusively into standard containers) is permitted exclusively at the MARKET price. Inasmuch as refuelling of the vehicle and filling into a can occurs in the same transaction, then the official price CANNOT be validated.

In the event of any questions, please call the enquiries telephone number given on the fuel pump (lines open between 08:00-16:00).

*the person entitled (customer) has read the ‘data processing information’ at www.orangesoil.hu and consents to the processing of his/her personal data, furthermore, accepts the terms & conditions concurrently with sending a message to the given e-mail.