The Oranges Oil Company also arrived in Budakeszi

The first filling station in Pest County will soon be opened by the Hungarian-owned automatic petrol station network in many cities from Zalaegerszeg to Ózd. In Budakeszi, in the ZONE Shopping Park, high-quality fuel, which has become a trademark of the Oranges Oil Company, will soon be available and can be purchased at a discounted price 24 hours a day.

Thanks to the excellent location, the purchase of diesel and 95 octane petrol offered below the national average price with the new petrol station can become a daily routine for not only the residents of Budakeszi, but also the residents of Páty, Telki, Budajenő and Budaörs. The unit is one step away from Farkashegy Airport, on the southern border of Budakeszi, in the ZONE Shopping Park, Bianka u. It opens under number 1 within weeks.

The 4 + 1 gas station will operate non-stop, and in addition to cash, payment by credit card or Oranges Oil Company coupon is also possible. There is no need to worry about operating the vending machines, the system works in Hungarian and is simple – the use is clearly shown in the videos published on the gas station’s Facebook page, as well as in the explanatory boards placed on the vending machines themselves, but the on-duty staff will be happy.