Oranges Oil Company in Zala County has expanded with another automatic gas station and car wash!

After Budakeszi, the Oranges Oil Company expanded with another unit. From April 9, 2021, the network will offer premium quality fuel and automatic technology in three locations in Zala County. In fact! In Zalaszentgrót, in addition to the filling station, an environmentally friendly, self-service car wash with three parking spaces was made for the residents […]

Oranges Oil Company’s filling station and car wash in Zalaszentgrót will open soon!

The Hungarian-owned Oranges Oil Company gas station network in Zalaszentgrót, on the corner of Türjei and Móricz Zsigmond streets, will soon hand over its third unit in Zala county. At the 4-station station, Austrian premium diesel and 95 octane petrol will be available at a discounted price 24 hours a day. In addition, as a […]

The Oranges Oil Company also arrived in Budakeszi

The first filling station in Pest County will soon be opened by the Hungarian-owned automatic petrol station network in many cities from Zalaegerszeg to Ózd. In Budakeszi, in the ZONE Shopping Park, high-quality fuel, which has become a trademark of the Oranges Oil Company, will soon be available and can be purchased at a discounted […]