Oranges Oil Company in Zala County has expanded with another automatic gas station and car wash!

After Budakeszi, the Oranges Oil Company expanded with another unit. From April 9, 2021, the network will offer premium quality fuel and automatic technology in three locations in Zala County. In fact! In Zalaszentgrót, in addition to the filling station, an environmentally friendly, self-service car wash with three parking spaces was made for the residents and those who drove to it.

“Our goal and mission is to provide Austrian, premium quality fuel at a discounted price to motorists who choose the Oranges Oil Company. We buy diesel and 95 petrol from OMV’s Austrian refinery, thus guaranteeing balanced quality and keeping our prices below the current national average price. We hope that not only the people of Szentgrót, but also the inhabitants of North Zala will feel the new well and washroom, and will often turn to the corner of Zsigmond Street in Türjei-Móricz! ” Said owner Erik Nyakas.

The special feature of the automatic gas station is that the final amount of refueling must be specified in advance, so that everyone can buy exactly as much fuel as they want. In the case of a cash purchase, if you end up spending less than the amount initially paid, it will be returned in the form of an automatic coupon, which can be used within 60 days of the next refueling.

The two- and four-wheelers are also welcome in the self-service car wash, which is debuting as a novelty of the network. There are three levels and six programs to choose from. The premium, intensive and quick wash stages all work with a high-pressure water jet, but you can also choose a hot water or even sponge program that specifically removes beetles smeared on the windshield. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, car washing has never been so easy, and even if we needed help with usage, a color board guides us through the process at every stop.

The first self-service gas station network operating in Hungary is located in Mosonmagyaróvár, Győr, Ózd, Zalaegerszeg, Nagykanizsa and Budakeszi, in addition to Zalaszentgrót, and in 2022 it will open its next unit in Keszthely.